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About Us

The Logistics Institute Data Observatory (LIDO) is being created as a tool to provide data, information and statistics on logistics and trade within the Humber area. A key element of the website is to enable people to get data and graphics on the current position of the Humber. This website will cover all the main Humber logistic assets such as seaports, airports and rail networks, as well as the network of logistic services in the surrounding area. Also the main industries such as the Chemical industry in the region will be promoted. The site was designed to allow individuals and businesses to understand the advantages of using the Humber as a port of call for their logistics and trading needs. The website will do this by outlining the strengths and expertise that the Humber region possesses and how these can aid inward investment in the area.


LIDO is the outcome of a collaborative effort between the University of Hull’s Logistics Institute and Department of Computer Science, the HumberPort organisation and its members, and various local authorities. LIDO will grow in scope and functionality over time, providing tools to improve the logistics and trade facilities in the region.