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DB Cargo UK Ltd

DB Cargo UK Ltd is the UK’s largest rail freight operator and has a market share of over 50% in the UK. The business operates in all parts of the UK and due to having access to the Channel Tunnel it has access to the European rail network. The business now is the largest freight customer of Eurotunnel. This allows companies in the Humber region to be able to use rail to transport goods around the UK and Europe with ease. It Employs around 3,175 people and operates around 800 trains a day throughout the UK.

The services carry a wide range of products including:

  • Consumer goods - DB Cargo UK Ltd provides customer specific rail freight and logistics services for the consumer goods industry and operates in the business to business field.
  • Automotive – In the UK DB Cargo UK Ltd transports about 230,000 finished vehicles a year – 90% of all finished vehicle rail movements within the UK
  • Coal and biomass – transports more than 50% of all coal transported on the UK rail network to the major energy companies. Can operate trains which can deliver up to 1,750 tonnes of coal – this is the best payload per train ratio in the UK. Has facilities for rail-to-road coal unloading and road-to-rail coal unloading.
  • Construction and Waste - DB Cargo UK Ltd operates 400 trains per week to aid in building projects all over the UK including in the Humber region. DB Cargo UK Ltd has specialist wagons to transport cement, aggregates and building brinks amongst other materials.
  • Metals - DB Cargo UK Ltd is the largest transporter of metals in the UK and they help to supply some of the biggest manufacturers and uses in the UK such as Tata Steel. The business is also the UKs largest transporter of scrap metal and moves around 900,000 tonnes a year.
  • Chemicals - DB Cargo UK Ltd is the leading rail freight operator in the chemical industry and specifically in the petroleum sector. The business has the ability to operate services from every refinery which is connected to the rail network in the UK. To aid in this the business can operate the longest petroleum trains in the UK and contain dedicated 100 tonne and 45 tonne wagons to transport petrol.
  • Passenger Transport - DB Cargo UK Ltd can provide all the needs for a passenger service to operate including drivers, locomotives, coaches and support teams. The business operates trains for major occasions such as the Orient Express and the Royal Train. The passenger fleet has 300 diesel and 25 electric locomotives which makes DB Cargo UK Ltd the largest supplier of locomotives in the UK.
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Data for DB Cargo UK in 2017
Million Net Tonnes 43.6
Million Tonne km 493.5
Employees 2,135
Trains per day 277
Locomotives 263
Wagons 7704