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Freightliner is a leading UK intermodal rail freight business which transports containers between deep sea ports around the UK such as Felixstowe. Also the services Freightliner operate can offer full coverage of the whole of the UK rail network. In addition, Freightliner has a number of inland terminals such as Doncaster for loading and unloading containers and this allows access to a high percentage of inland UK rather than only the main ports.

Freightliner operate around 100 services a day across the whole of the UK and over a year the business handles more than 770,000 containers.Along as operating rail freight services freightliner also operate a fleet of over 250 lorries which deliver up to 800 containers a day throughout the UK. By operating both a rail and road services it allows Freightliner to offer a port to the customer’s door service.

In the Humber and the surrounding area Freightliner has 2 major depots at Doncaster and Leeds. These 2 depots are on a main line in the UK rail network so both have good access to the whole of the UK rail network.

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