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GB Railfreight

GB Railfreight operate over 1,000 trainloads a week in the UK which is about 15% of all rail freight in the UK. In the UK GB Railfreight employs about 750 people to operate the business. The business has a fleet of 120 locomotives and over 1,100 wagons which are used to transport a wide range of products. The business transports products for a number of large and important businesses in the UK such as Drax, Network Rail and EDF Energy to name a few.

GB Railfreight transport mainly 5 types of cargo and these are:

  • Biomass - GB Railfreight are one of only 2 rail freight businesses in the UK that continuously move biomass by rail around the UK but are the only business to directly deliver biomass to power stations by rail for example moving 1.5 million tonnes between the port of Liverpool and the Ironbridge Power Station. In the last year the company has moved over 2 and a half million tonnes of biomass. Due to there being a number of ways of transporting biomass, GB Railfreight has a range of specialist wagons to transport biomass in.
  • Construction - GB Railfreight transports goods for the construction sector from and to locations all over the UK including raw materials and finished goods for example aggregates, limestone and sleepers. The business has a wide range of wagons that are able to transport construction materials such as box wagons and tanks. GB Railfreight currently work closely with some of the major construction companies in the UK such as Lafarge Tarmac and Aggregate Industries.
  • Coal - GB Railfrieght operates trains transporting coal out of the ports of Tyne, Immingham, Hull and Redcar. Also it transport coal which is mined in the UK to various locations throughout the UK.
  • Petrochemicals - Since 2005 GB Railfreight has been operating services transporting petrochemicals around the UK. The business has rail contract with a number of petrochemical companies including Greenergy who are the UKs leading supplier of petrol, biofuel and diesel.
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Below are 4 maps which show the routes that GB Rail Freight operate in the Humber region. They are Biomass, Coal, Petrochemical and Intermodal.




Source: - 07 June 2018