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The Humber region has good road links connecting it to the whole of the UK. The four major Humber Ports are linked via the M18, the Humber Bridge and A63.

The high standard of the road network around the Humber, allows for businesses all over the UK to utilise the link into Europe through the surrounding ports. With the high density of logistics assets such as warehouses in the M1 and the A1 corridor, the Humber has the road network to take advantage of these assets.

Due to the Humber's exceptional transport links to the UK heartland, further investments of approximately £1.5bn have been made to improve the road network across Yorkshire and the Humber, as this shows the economic potential for such a region.

Road Improvements

The road improvement in the Humber and Yorkshire region which are underway or due to start before 2020 are:

  • A £368 million scheme on the A1 between Leening and Barton. The scheme is to unlock growth and boost the economy by having a motorway standard road route between Newcastle and London.
  • A £120 million scheme to turn the M1 between junction 39 and 42 into a smart motorway. Hopefully a result of this will be to cut the amount of congestion and to support economic development.
  • At the A160/A180 a £89 million project is underway to improve access into the port of Immingham, one of the UKs biggest ports, and the surrounding area.
  • Over £100 million is being invested into the M1 between junction 32 and 35a to turn it into a smart motorway.
  • A multi-million pound project on the A63 in the centre of Hull on Castle Street. The project will ease congestion and traffic in the centre of the city going to and from the port. More Info
  • A scheme on the M62/M606 junction to help tackle major delays between Leeds and Bradford.
  • Improvements on M621 between junctions 1 and 7 to reduce congestion at the junctions.
  • A upgrade of the M62 between junction 20 and 25 to a smart motorway.
  • The proposal is to alter the junction of the A164 and the A1079 and to dual the A164 up to the Castle Hill roundabout. The project is awaiting final approval and if approved, work is scheduled to start in 2020.

In addition to the £1.3 billion being spent on specific projects, £100 million will be spent every year for the next five years on maintenance of the road network and smaller improvements projects. The investments is part of the governments ‘Road Investments Strategy’ which plans to invest £15 billion into the UKs roads.