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Iport Doncaster

Iport is a greenfield development site located on a 337-acre site just off the M18 at junction 3, on the outskirts of Doncaster. Iport will have excellent connectivity with a number of transport networks. The development is next to the M18 and only 2 miles from the A1 and 10 miles away from the M1 meaning excellent road connectivity in the UK. With a new rail terminal being built as part of the development as well, the site will have access to the UK’s large rail freight network.

The site has been granted an outlined planning consent for 6 million sq ft of warehouse space and 3 million sq ft of detailed planning consent. The site will also contain a 35-acre strategic rail freight terminal.

Highlights of the development are:

  • 337-acre greenfield development
  • Direct access to Junction 3 M18 motorway via new FARRRS road
  • Outline planning consent for up to 6 million sq ft
  • Detailed planning consent for approx. 3 million sq ft
  • Built to suit warehouse units from 50,000 – 1.2 million sq ft
  • Two warehouses of 215,000 sq ft and 130,000 sq ft available from Q1 2016, with expansion options
  • Dedicated 35-acre rail freight terminal

The rail freight terminal will provide access to the site and enable the site to be connected to the rest of the UK’s rail network. The terminal will be able to accommodate trains that are up to 775m in length and be able to take a number of different gauges. The apron next to the tracks will be able to support HGV’s which weigh 50 tonnes, as well as hold a 4 high container stack with a maximum load of 122 tonnes. Next to the apron a storage area will be present to stack containers together.

The rail terminal will have a number of different facilities including:

  • 2 x handling sidings adjacent to the iPort apron each with a minimum length of 400 metres
  • 1 x head shunt siding to the south of the handling sidings, again a minimum 400 metres long
  • 1 x locomotive release siding
  • 1 x cripple siding at a minimum 45 metres long

In late 2016, Lidl announced plans to locate a new distribution centre at the iport site at the cost of £70 million. Liidl will be joining Amazon, Fellowes and CEVA who already operate on the site.

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