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The Port of Goole is the UK’s most in land port and is located around 50 miles from the North Sea up the River Humber. Due to the port being located so far inland, the port is ideally located for quick access to the UK’s main transport infrastructure. The port is located within less than two miles from the M62 which leads to other major motorways routes such as the M1. The major industrial areas of West and South Yorkshire are only a 30 minute drive away and the North Midlands and North-West are only an hour away. This means the port is perfectly placed to take advantage of the trade in the area and hopefully this trade increases into the future. The port also has a connection to the canal system in the Yorkshire region and beyond. The Port is close by to the 310 acre Capitol Park distribution centre which is where major international businesses have located part of their distribution network in the UK.

The Port can handle a number of different types of freight including:

  • Containers – The Boothferry Terminal has both open and covered storage
  • Dry Bulk – the port has 20,000 sq m of covered storage for bulk items like animal feed and cement
  • Forest Products – timber is a major import into the port particularly from Russia, the Baltic States, Finland and Sweden
  • Liquid Bulk – oils can be directly transferred to road tankers from ships
  • Steel and Other Cargo – the Steel Terminal can operate year-round in all weather conditions

Although the port is connected to the River Humber which is tidal, inside the port the water level is kept constant at 20 feet. This is the result of the installation of 3 locks at the entrance of the port. This means the port is at a constant water level for unloading and loading ships.

The port has a range of equipment to aid in moving cargo around the port. Equipment includes:

  • 5 container cranes with varying lift capabilities
  • 15 rail mounted cranes
  • 5 mobile harbour cranes

At the port there are a number of terminals which handle various cargo for example containers, dry bulk (20,000 sq m of covered storage), forest products which come from Northern Europe and project cargo. As well as this the port has a dedicated rail-freight terminal that can handle trainloads of cargo both in and out of the port. The port also has a two tank-storage facility for imported vegetable oils which is located at the barge dock. In additional the port can import and export oils by transferring them directly from road tankers. This facility allows the port to limit the time it takes to get oils from a ship out to the location the oils need to be.

Humber Commercial


Telephone: +44 (0)1482 327171

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Port Assets

No. of the Quays/Docks/Terminals No. of Berths Total Length of Quays (metres) Average Tonnage Annually (in millions) Average TEU's Annually (x1000) Yard area/Port area (in acres) Characteristics of Max Vessel Size Capable Cargo Handling Facilities Commodities Handled
2 20 5,500 2 - 100

Beam: 24 metres

LOA: 100 metres

Draft: 5.5 metres

DWT: 4,500


Container: 2 max 30T; 3 over 40T, Rail-mounted: 15 max 10T, Mobile: 2 max 10T; 3 over 40T, Scotch Derrick: 4 max 40T, Ro-ro capabilities, One ro-ro ramp 450-tonne capacity, Vehicle handling berths

Other handling equipment:

Forklifts: 45 max capacity 40T
Containers (lo/lo), Oil/Petroleum, Unit loads (ro/ro), Vehicles/Wheeled cargoes, Dry bulks, Grain/Feedstuffs, Hazardous cargoes, Forest products, General cargo, Project cargo (heavy lift), Iron/Steel

Terminal Information

Terminals Cargo Handled Services & Operators
Booth Ferry Terminal Containers UCI
Aldam Terminal Forestry Transpal Line
Caldaire Terminal Dry-bulk Fertilizers -
South Dock Dry-bulk NW Trading Ltd
Ouse Dock Dry-bulk -
Barge Dock Bulk Oils Kerfoot Group
Stanhope Dock Dry-bulk -
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