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Saltend Jetty

Located east of the main port of Hull the Saltend Jetties are a major part of the infrastructure at the Saltend chemicals Park. Currently there are two jetties (No.1 and No.3) which are available for use for the businesses which are based on the Saltend site. The jetties are used by the businesses to import and export liquid bulk products, this can either be importing liquids which are needed for their processes or exporting a finished product. The jetties can be used by all operators on site but generally Air Products use road transport to despatch their products.

Vivergo Fuels, who are one of the operators on the site, use the jetties to transport their finished product of bio-ethanol to other ports in the UK or abroad mainly into Europe. With the jetties being located near the mouth of the River Humber, the distance between the plants Along with bio-ethanol there are a number of other products which are exported using the jetties such as Acetic Acid and from Nippon Gohsei, Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer which is used in food packaging. Among other products put through the jetties are fertilisers and protection agents.

The jetties can handle a ship which has an approximate maximum dead weight of 37000 tonnes, a maximum length of 214 metres, a maximum beam of 40.20 metres and a maximum draught of 9.8 metres but this is subject to tide movements.