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The distribution centres that are shown on the map belong to a number of major businesses who operate in the UK. Over time the number of distribution centres the map shows will increase.

Distribution Sites

The Humber region is ideally located to take advantage of a number of distribution centres of some of the UK’s largest companies like Tesco. The M62 is a major route from East to West and connects a number of major cities in the North of the UK and this is why it is a good location for companies to locate their distribution operations. This is shown by the cluster of distribution centres around the Junction of the A1 and M62 near Doncaster. The M62 has excellent connections to the rest of the UK motorway network including major junctions with the M1, A1, M6 and M18 and means that a delivery from a distribution centre can reach a store in a large part of the UK in a couple of hours rather than travelling the whole length of the country. The Humber ports are in a vital location to import the products that the distribution centres needs to keep their UK stores fully stocked.

Also the location of distribution centres around the M62 between Hull and Liverpool shows how vital the M62 route is for the UK business and economy. For the Humber region which is at the East end of the M62 it is ideal to have a major asset for importers and exporters to bring goods in and out of the UK.