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Hornsea Project 2

Hornsea Project 2 is being developed by Orsted and they will also own and maintain the wind farm. When built, Hornsea Project 2 will become the world’s biggest wind farm. The wind farm will be part of a number of projects in the same area of the North Sea and will be next to Hornsea Project 1. The wind farm will produce 1386 MW of power which is enough to power 1.3 million UK homes. It is hoped that construction will start in 2018 and that the wind farm will become operational in 2022. The price of the electricity from the wind farm will be set at £57.50 MWh which is a record low price for offshore wind in the UK. The wind farm will be connected to the National Grid at Killingholme and will come onshore at Horseshoe Point, both in Lincolnshire. The Project will need a number of offshore transformers and the operations and maintenance will be performed out of the port of Grimsby. Siemens Gamesa have the contracts to build the nacelles and most of the blades and the blades will be made at the site in Hull.

Number of Turbines: Up to 165

Power Generated (in MW): 1385