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New Holland

Transforming from a small ferry service in 1825, to a port specialising in grain and animal food import/export in 1984, the port of New Holland has gotten quite the renovation. The port now operates under the New Holland Bulk Services Company which is owned by HES International, and has continued its trend of focusing on the transhipment, storage and processing of agricultural bulk products.

There are 2 terminals located within New Holland:

  1. A small tidal dock used entirely for the import of timber from Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic states
  2. The larger “New Holland Pier” used for accommodating much larger vessels between ports in the UK, parts of Scandinavia and Europe, the Black Sea and North Africa, thanks to its location in the deeper part of the channel

In recent years however, the port has undergone a significant expansion of the covered storage facilities to accommodate for a greater variety of commodities, and to make sure it’s a well-established port in the event of further national and international trade and investment.

The port features the following facilities:

  • Agribulk, biomass and mineral bulk products
  • Harbour and floating cranes
  • Added value activities
  • Discharge of vessels up to 20,000 DWT